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We receive commissions from a wide range of sectors, including government offices, universities, private businesses, private individuals, etc.
We provide translations in a wide range of languages including English, Chinese, Korean, French and German under our slogan of "quality and service that is in the top caliber" among translation companies. We have also received recognition in the area of technical translation, including the fields of medicine, pharmaceuticals, computing, patents and manuals. We look forward to your inquiry.

Please check here for our track records in translation service (Japanese text only).



Standard English Translation

Ordinary English-Japanese / Japanese-English translation

English into Japanese

¥3,000 per 400 characters


Japanese into English

¥5,000 per 180 words


【Translation into Various Languages】


Translation from/into languages other than Japanese or English

Other languages into Japanese

¥4,000 per 400 characters (Varies by language)


Japanese to other languages

Varies by language. Please contact us for further information.


English Proofreading


Native speakers proofread English translations done by yourself independently for improvement of work into natural written English.

¥1,200 per 180 words (English)


【Service Fields】

Medicine, pharmacology, biology, chemistry, computer, IT, economics, natural sciences, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, law, agriculture, correspondence, and others


【For further inquiries】

Translation Department
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Track records of our translation service (in Japanese texts)