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Convention is a term that covers a wide range of organized events, including academic society conferences, incentive conferences, sales conferences, executive conferences, workshops and exhibitions. Knowhow acquired through running a single event does not necessarily guarantee its full use at another. Furthermore, conference administration methods can vary by whether the conference is domestic or international in scale. Likewise, methods vary by user needs and require versatility in response. Procom International knows what is essential in convention management. What is required is the precise assessment of user needs and application in conference management. The conference organizer may have no previous experience. The decision to deploy staff from medical and research divisions in the conference, due to past experiences, leads to obstruction of research. Hiring a conference agent will lead to more expenses, etc. If these are your concerns, inquire with our Convention Department of Procom International. We will cater to your needs with versatility that is required. Please check here for our track record in convention organizing (Japanese text only).

・Selecting convention venue (recommendation of a suitable venue from our conference hall database)

・Budget planning & financial/accounting administration (cash flow planning, cash flow management, etc.)

・Development/management of general schedule (detailed scheduling from preparations to post-event administration)

・Assistance in soliciting contributions (production of letter of request for contributions, contribution receipt management, follow-up on potential contributors, notification of contribution receipt, production of thank-you letters, etc.)

・Printed matter planning/production (production of letters of notice, posters, requests for presentations, abstracts, anthology, etc.)

・Abstract acceptance & management (handling presentations received, management/operation of academic paper database with participant management software, etc.)

・Handling and management of participant data registration and acceptance   Services for various committees (notification of committee meeting summons, production of committee meeting literature, production of minutes, etc.)

・Webpage production (handling production of various online forms)

・Organization/management of convention administration staff for the day of the event (participant reception, PC center management, appointment/management of staff for goodwill reception)

・Setup/management of party catering service/coffee service

・Setup/management of poster session – production/installation of signboards/display boards

・Equipment rentals (computer presentation equipment, video recorder, mobile simultaneous interpreting devices, etc.)

・Exhibits in booth planning, production, installation management – network installation

・Tour planning/management (planning/management of spouse tour, facility tour and various sightseeing tours)

・Arrangement/management of accommodations

・Audiotape transcription

・Questionnaire survey tabulation

・Production of settlement of payments and financial report

・Production of reports

・Production, mailing, etc., of various thank-you letters and notices


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